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Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassadors

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon AmbassadorThe Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Owens Corning Half Marathon annually partner with influential runners to represent our event and city as Official Ambassadors.

We’re annually looking for dedicated runners/walkers who are passionate about the sport, have previously participated at GCM, and are actively involved in their own running community (both on-the-ground and online), and are ready to be part of our amazing team of Ambassadors.

If you’re someone who writes a running or fitness blog, shares regulary on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and other social platforms, is part of a running or training group, and/or rallies your friends and family for social events, then you could be an Ambassador.

In addition to select local and regional individuals, we look for Ambassadors from outside the Toledo Metro area who have previously participated at GCM and can offer a unique visitor perspective to the public. — Does this sound like you?

The 2018 Ambassador Application is Now Closed

Those applicants selected to be 2018 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon ambassadors will be notified via email. Please note that Ambassadors are NOT financially compensated in any way. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses. Ambassadors will serve for one calendar year. The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon reserves the right to remove any Ambassador from the team for any reason.

BE KNOWLEDGABLE IN: Website Content, Registration Links, Event & Expo Info, Course Maps, UT Campus & Parking, Relay Team & Shuttle Instructions, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Schedules, Charity Partners, Sponsors, First-timer Perks, 10th Anniversary Half Info, more…

FOLLOW/LIKE: GCM on Each Social Media Platform

ENGAGE REGULARLY: During Events, Online, In Running Groups, At Other Events

SHARE KNOWLEDGE: On Your Blog & Social Media Profiles

SUPPORT OPERATIONS: During Expo & Other Race Weekend Events

Official Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador Gear; Complimentary entry to any event as part of the Glass City Marathon weekend; Profile hosted on Glass City Marathon Website; Additional Incentives based on Involvement; All Ambassadors will be featured on the Glass City Marathon Website. Chosen applicants will have a profile, photo, and opportunity to connect with other runners through social media and more.

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Registration is now closed. Check back next Summer to apply to be a part of the 2019 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. Thank you.

Amanda Schwartz

Amanda Schwartz

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH
First Marathon: Glass City Marathon — 2012

Amanda is a runner, bodybuilder, movie lover, and occasional healthy eater. Her roommate, Bo, is a playful and loving Boston Terrier, who loves to run 5k’s with her.

In 2010, she began running and has been hooked on the runner’s high ever since. After losing 40 pounds by running and bodybuilding, Amanda knows that she is her only competition and constantly challenges herself to be better than she was yesterday. As a fitness enthusiast, staying in shape is something she takes seriously, while still knowing how important it is to keep the couch company, try all of the new flavors of Oreos, and occasionally eat her weight in cookie dough.

Amanda lets nothing keep her from achieving her fitness goals, even six knee surgeries from a high school soccer injury and an ongoing heart condition. They make running difficult at times, but that is never a reason to quit. After running solo for five years, she joined Dave’s Marathon In Training group in spring 2016 and learned how great it is to have a running family to run with every week.

She has run too many races to count, including eight half marathons and two marathons. Amanda is just your average tattooed runner bodybuilder who eats all the food and is always looking to achieve that next PR.

Follow her running and bodybuilding adventures at Fit-Sized Amanda.

Dean Whitmire

Dean Whitmire

Hometown: Columbus, OH
First Marathon: Columbus Marathon — 2014

Prior to 2012, if you were asked to describe Dean, you would of said an extremely over weight, tattooed biker that doesn’t appear to exercise or care how much he was eating. In late 2012 his bad health choices finally caught with him, and was faced with no other option but to make the changes that would inevitably release the runner that was trapped inside of him. After two years, three months and eight days of hard work and determination Dean has removed over 140 pounds and managed to keep it off for two years now.

Dean has combined his idea of “healthier for me” eating habits, counting calories, and running to maintain his results. In Dean’s new life as a runner he has completed several races of multiple distances including the marathon. During his weight loss journey Dean used other blogs to inspire him along the way, so he created his blog to pay it forward to those who are in need of the same inspiration.

You can follow along and learn more about Dean’s weight loss and running journey at Running in the Fat Lane.

Brian Hackenburg

Brian Hackenburg

Hometown: Sandusky, OH
First Marathon: Rev3 140.6 Mile Triathlon at Cedar Point — 2011
Fireman Rob Foundation

I’ve completed more than 57 races, 11 of them full-length marathons, dressed head-to-toe in firefighter gear. I originally started competing in endurance events 50 pounds overweight and at risk for heart disease. Today, I am “in the best shape of my life,” and I continue to pursue fitness as a way to promote health and raise funds for the Fireman Rob Foundation to provide Gund bears to hospitalized children. My story is one of passion and pursuing fitness for a cause greater than ourselves.

Back in 2010, I found performing the basic fire ground operations became exhausting and difficult, so I knew he had to make a change. 40%-50% of all In-The-Line-Duty deaths on the fire ground are related to heart attacks and strokes. I remain committed to bringing more awareness to physical fitness in the fire service. While Change is slow, it all comes in good time.