Establish a Check List for Successful Completion of Your Tasks

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As one embarks on a lofty goal such as completing a half or a full marathon, establishing a check list is essential for successful completion of your task. What follows are bulleted points for your consideration which will enhance your opportunity for success.

  • It is imperative you clearly understand to accomplish this feat you have a firm understanding of time, cost and effort required. You will need family support.
  • Your check list should include successful completion of a 3K or 5K event. This may be viewed as a processor to longer and more demanding events.
  • Have you had your yearly physical by a physician who is acutely aware of your medical history and training goals?
  • Preparation for these events go beyond just running. Engage with a professional who can assist you with a strength training regimen to support your running workouts. These are specific to hip and core musculature with certain placement of the hips, legs and feet, all of which are critical to proper strength development.
  • Buy reputable shoe brands from a vendor who will personally advise you. 2-3 pair over the training cycle may be necessary.

Consider a running film analysis by a professional who can sit with you and breakdown your running mechanics. They will assess;

  • Stride Length
  • Cadence
  • Angles at the Knee and Ankle on Foot Strike
  • Your Center of Gravity
  • Whether Your Feet Cross Over the Imaginary Center Line
  • Are Your Hips Level When You Run
  • Strength Testing of Major Groups to Avoid Compensatory Patterns
  • Do You Have a History of Lower Extremity or Running Injuries
  • History of Stress Fracture or Stress Reaction
  • Have Orthotics Been Prescribed; If So, Their Condition

Consider Nutritional Counseling

  • Ratio of Carbohydrate to Protein
  • Pre and Post Event Nutritional Loading
  • Sports Drink and Correct Ingredients

Consideration for Training Tips in Hot and Cold Weather

Understanding the length of preparation time is essential. Prep time varies with your current conditioning levels, results of your physical examination and running history. Here are some ball parks:

  • Half Marathon — 12 to 14 weeks
  • Marathon  — 15 to 25 weeks
  • Log Your Workouts; the Longer the Event, the More Critical Your Documentation.

Receive Guidance for Your Preparation Conditioning Cycles

Explore and Understand the Benefits of Cross Training

A Firm Understanding of Recovery Cycles and Importance to Training

Find a Training Partner

Do Your Cloth-Ware Homework

And remember, if you need to seek out a physician, the team at Mercy Health—Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is available 24/7 on our sports medicine hotline at (419) 754-PLAY.

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* This content is not intended to replace any formal training plans directed by licensed coaches. You should always get your doctors go-ahead prior to embarking on any fitness regime. Mercy Health, Glass City Marathon and the Toledo Roadrunners Club are not offering this content to replace a monitored training plan. — Use this content as conversation starters with your doctors, nutritionists, coaches, etc.