Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassadors

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon AmbassadorThe Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Owens Corning Half Marathon annually partner with influential runners to represent our event and city as Official Ambassadors.

We’re annually looking for dedicated runners/walkers who are passionate about the sport, have previously participated at GCM, and are actively involved in their own running community (both on-the-ground and online), and are ready to be part of our amazing team of Ambassadors.

If you’re someone who shares regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit and other social platforms, is part of a running or training group, and/or rallies your friends and family for social events, then you could be an Ambassador.

In addition to select local and regional individuals, we look for Ambassadors from outside the Toledo Metro area who have previously participated at GCM and can offer a unique visitor perspective to the public. — Does this sound like you? Keep an eye on what current Ambassadors are doing and consider applying for the next class. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when the process is open.

GCM Ambassador Selections

Applicants selected to be Mercy Health Glass City Marathon ambassadors are notified via email in early August. Please note that Ambassadors are NOT financially compensated in any way. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses. Ambassadors serve for one calendar year. Mercy Health Glass City Marathon reserves the right to remove any Ambassador from the team for any reason.

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Official Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador Gear; Complimentary entry to any event as part of the Glass City Marathon weekend; Profile hosted on Glass City Marathon Website; Additional Incentives based on Involvement; All Ambassadors will be featured on the Glass City Marathon Website. Chosen applicants will have a profile, photo, and opportunity to connect with other runners through social media and more.

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Senior Ambassadors

Amanda Schwartz

Amanda Clark

Hometown: Bowling Green, OH
First Marathon: Glass City Marathon — 2012

Amanda is a runner, fit-ish bodybuilder, and occasional healthy eater. In 2010, she started running and has been hooked on the runner’s high ever since.

After losing 40 pounds by running and bodybuilding, Amanda knows that staying fit is a journey, not a destination. Staying in shape is something she takes seriously, but life is about balance, so she always tries the new Oreo flavors and occasionally eat her weight in cookie dough.

Amanda lets nothing keep her from achieving her fitness goals, even six knee surgeries from a high school soccer injury and an ongoing heart condition. They can make running difficult, but that is never a reason to quit.

She has run too many races to count, including ten half marathons and two marathons. Amanda is just your average tattooed runner bodybuilder who eats all the food and is looking to earn that next PR.

Dean Whitmire

Dean Whitmire

Hometown: Marysville, OH
First Marathon: Columbus Marathon — 2014

Prior to 2012, if I asked you to describe me, you would of said I was an extremely over weight, tattooed biker that doesn’t appear to exercise or care what he was putting into his body.  In late 2012, after years of trying fad diets and looking for that “magic pill” everyone is always looking for, in late 2012 my bad health choices finally caught with me.

I was at the proverbial fork in the road, where one way leads to a short life expectancy or the other that, while doesn’t guarantee a long life, it sure as hell didn’t hurt my chances.  I finally decided to put down the donuts, get serious and put in the hard work that eventually released the runner that was trapped inside me. I set a goal weight and after two years, three months and eight days of blood, sweat and tears, I was able to remove 142 pounds from my 5’7″ frame and continue to keep it off to this day.

I combined my idea of “healthier for me” eating habits, counting calories with an iPhone food journal, and running to maintain my weight loss.  While the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon was not my first marathon, it has been my favorite over the years, and whether you are looking to run your first ever race or you are a seasoned pro looking to qualify for Boston, I can’t think of a better race.  That is why it is on my race calendar every year, no matter what distance I choose to run!

Brian Hackenburg

Hometown: Sandusky, OH
First Marathon: Rev3 140.6 Triathlon at Cedar Point — 2011

I originally started competing in endurance events 50 pounds overweight and at risk for heart disease. Today, I am “in the best shape of my life,” and I continue to pursue fitness as a way to promote health and raise funds for the Fireman Rob Foundation to provide Gund bears to hospitalized children. My story is one of passion and pursuing fitness for a cause greater than ourselves.

Back in 2010, I found performing the basic fire ground operations became exhausting and difficult, so I knew he had to make a change. 40%-50% of all In-The-Line-Duty deaths on the fire ground are related to heart attacks and strokes. I remain committed to bringing more awareness to physical fitness in the fire service. While Change is slow, it all comes in good time.

As a career firefighter and avid Endurance athlete, I have completed 24 Full marathons, and I’m a 10x Ironman 140.6 finisher.

I compete in most races dresses in full firefighter gear to raise money to deliver Gund Teddy Bears to hospitalized Children over the holidays. I have two amazing beautiful athletic daughters who love to run: Kayli and Krista.

2020 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassadors

Dave Essinger

Dave Essinger

Hometown: Bluffton, OH
First Marathon: Mercy Health Glass City Marathon (2016)

Dave Essinger’s novel about ultrarunning, Running Out, is newly out from Main Street Rag Publishing Company in print, and on Audible and iTunes as audiobook. He’s no elite runner, but he cares enough about the sport to get it right, and is more than halfway to his 1000-mile buckle at the Mohican 100, where he also rocks the forest for a mile-plus radius as Captain of the famed Fire Tower Aid Station. Even when the wind chill’s below zero, sometimes his run is still the best part of his day.

The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is a special race for him, as the first marathon he and his wife ever ran a little over ten years ago. Dave teaches at the University of Findlay, runs when he can with the Findlay Striders and Team Possum, and otherwise lives and runs in Bluffton, Ohio.

Deric Tedora

Deric Tedora

Hometown: Monroe, MI
First Marathon:

As the owner of Run Hip, a run specialty store in Monroe Mi, I have a huge passion for running and all the health benefits of living an active lifestyle. I’ve been an avid runner since I tore my ACL in 2006. My first official race was the cork town race in downtown Detroit in March of 2007.

Ever since then I can’t imagine my life without running and living an active lifestyle. I have encouraged the community to join me by creating a local running group that meets twice a week to run and have social time with other like minded individuals. I have completed four full marathons, two 50k trail races and countless half marathons, 10k and 5k races. My 2018 plan is to run the Glass City Half Marathon, Bayshore Marathon and Run Woodstock 50k.

Jeff Anderle

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH
First Marathon: Chicago (2015)

Jeff began running again in 2015 after a 15-year break.  During that break, he had struggle with the motivation and finding the time to run.  A race to support a friend’s non-profit organization got him off the couch and he has been running ever since.

In the last three years, he has run over 2500 miles and more importantly has met an amazing group of people through his runs.  Jeff really enjoys the running community and the inspiration he finds in every runner he meets.

A large focus of his races is raising funds for different causes which has totaled over $10000 since 2015.  These races have included 5 marathons, 2 half marathons, one ultra and two extremely fun 100+ mile relay races.

Since he started running again at age 49, and now in his fifties, he looks forward to increasing the list of races run but more importantly adding to the group of running friends that he has made.

Michael DeLapp

Michael DeLapp

Hometown: Saint Clair Shores, MI
First Marathon: Glass City (2018)

I’m a Toledo native who has been living in the Detroit area for several years now, but still have many ties to Toledo. The Glass City Marathon will be my first marathon (I participated in 2017 in the family relay and have done the 5k before as well). The relay jump started my interest in long distance running and has been something I have been able to share with my father (who has completed the GCM a few times). A rare thing indeed.

I have been actively training since March and would like to bring that enthusiasm and unique perspective to everyone.

Tackling new challenges is my primary motivation.

Rick Rayman

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
First Marathon:

I was born, raised and live in Toronto, Ontario. I am a dentist, Assistant  Professor and Director of Student Life at the Faculty of Dentistry University of Toronto. I have, to date run 361 marathons. My first marathon was  in August, 1978, in Toronto. As an aside my third marathon was in March 1979, the Heartwatchers Marathon in Toledo.

I have run marathons in Toledo almost every year since, including the Ottawa Hills Marathon and Sy Mah Marathon. Sy was one my early mentors. My personal best time for the marathon is 2 hours and 47 minutes. I used to break 3 hours regularly, but you are only as good as your last race. So, now my finishing times are around 6 hours or more. I still love finishing a marathon and being around runners. I love the running culture. I also have the longest consecutive daily running streak in Canada and I am second on the International list. I have not missed a day of running in 39 years 8 months 25 days. I run outside every day and my minimum daily run is 30 minutes.

Our winters are similar to Toledo’s brutal winters. I have 4 more marathons planned for this year and hope the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Oct. 21st  will be marathon # 365. I am also lucky enough to be part of the Skechers Performance Ontario team. I have seen the Glass City Marathon really evolve into a National class event.

I look forward to running in Toledo every April and I am so very proud to be a Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador.

Tiffany Schmidt

Hometown: Petersburg, MI
First Marathon: Pittsburgh (2018)

I started occasionally running while serving in the United States Marine Corps in 2011. After being honorably discharged I was diagnosed with depression and turned to running as my therapy. I started competitively running in 2016. Now, I run not just for myself but also for my children to bring raise awareness to autism. My goal is to run a race in all 50 states, 46 to go!