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Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Elite Entry

The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Owens Corning Half Marathon invite athletes to inquire about participation in our event. The race will distribute complimentary entries based on demonstrated past performance. Elite BIB placement is limited and these participants will receive placement in the front of the pack at the beginning of the race.

Each request must provide the web address for the race results that document a comparable performance recorded within the last two years. Please note that the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon does not provide appearance fees, hotel accommodations or travel reimbursement.

Elite Runner Registration is Open


Half Marathon


Elite Male 1:08 2:27
Elite Male Masters 1:15 2:40
Elite Female 1:20 3:00
Elite Female Masters 1:25 3:12

Course Records

Peter Chebet (2015) 2:21:06
Samantha Bluske (2015) 2:47:20

Troy Squire (2016) 2:37:57
Catherine Spiess (2015) 3:04:54

John Gathaiya (2017) 01:03:47
Susan Jerotich (2017) 1:13:25

Ed Altweiss (2012) 1:12:33
Tammy Nowik (2015) 1:25:00

Zero-Tolerance Policy

The Toledo RoadRunners Club has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDS). Any athlete who has been determined to have violated anti-doping rules or policies and is currently serving suspension, whether enforced by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), or any other national sports federation is ineligible to compete for any prizes associated with events sponsored by the Toledo RoadRunners Club. The Toledo RoadRunners Club reserves the right to conduct pre and post-competition testing for any and all performance enhancing drugs (PEDS) listed on the current WADA Prohibited List. Any athlete who refuses to submit to anti-doping controls, if selected for testing, shall be disqualified and subject to a lifetime ban from any Toledo RoadRunners event.