Savage 5k — Glass City’s Run•Walk Celebration

Shakeout Saturday — *Add-on to Your Marathon, Half or Relay

8:30am Saturday, April 24, 2021

Glass City's Savage 5k, Toledo Ohio's Premier Spring Run/Walk

Glass City’s Savage 5k takes place on the Saturday of Mercy Health Glass City Marathon weekend. Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities take part in this annual event on the University of Toledo campus.

GLASS CITY’S SAVAGE 5K • Block Pricing

The low-low rates you’ve come to expect from the Savage 5k remain the same as last year. The earlier you signup to Run Glass City, the better pricing will be available. Tiered/block are in place for this year’s running. Tier/block pricing rewards the earliest registrants with the best rates possible, while maintaining our extremely competitive pricing throughout the year. All events have been setup with total registrant caps on each block. Once each block sells out, subsequent tier/block prices activate automatically until the event sells out completely.


Tier 1 $30 1 to 250
Tier 2 $40 251 to 750
Tier 3 $45 751 to 1,250
Tier 4 $50 1,251 to 1,500


Complete the course at your own pace, without the pressure and anxiety of being in with a field of competitive runners and walkers.

Tier 1 $25 1 to 250
Tier 2 $35 251 to 500
Tier 3 $40 501 to 750


Complete the Glass City 5K from anywhere you are. You signup, we ship you your packet. You can run the event at a location of your choosing and submit your finish time to be included in our online results for posterity with everyone else from around the globe.

Tier 1 $25 Unlimited

Savage 5k Perks

  • Commemorative Stadium Blanket
  • Optional Shirt (add-on)
  • Runner Tracking App
  • Featured Event & Start Line
  • Finisher Medal
  • Commemorative Glass Mug
  • Post-race Atmosphere w/ Hot Food, Cold Beer, Refreshments, Massage, Medal Engraving, Live Entertainment and more…

Virtual Perks

  • Custom Event Shirt
  • Event Finisher Medal
  • Custom BIB
  • Commemorative Glass Mug
  • Online Results
  • Online Photo Submission Access
Depending on your location, you can choose to pickup your package prior to the event, or add-on shipping to have it mailed to you.

Race Day

Course Open: 70 Minutes / 22:35 per mile *Time Limit Stricly Enforced by Local Police — SAG vehicles will be present should you be unable to meet cutoff times. You will not be allowed to continue if you do not make the checkpoints in time. SAG vehicles will travel at the course closing pace and will pick up runners along the route and at aid stations, who choose to discontinue the race or fall behind pace (under nonmedical circumstances).

Maximum Field: 2,000 Runners/Walkers

Optional Shirt Guaranteed w/ Registration Thru March 31st Only