Run a Fartlek for Better Marathon Training Results

Dave’s Marathon In-Training (Dave’s Running Shop — MHGCM Official Training Provider)

With each training program, specialized sessions are important to developing your overall running fitness. Fartleks (speed play) are an important part of any plan. Fartlek training is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running, without stopping. During your Dave’s Marathon/Half In-Training your coaches will fine-tune your overall plan and work in the proper Fartlek sessions. — It’s not too late to signup for our official training program and join hundreds of other runners, working together to get ready for race day.


Fartlek Goals

  • Establish Individual Fitness Levels
  • Find Individual Stress Limits
  • Begin Training Program
  • Benchmark Fitness Throughout Program
  • Replicate Race Day Stress Levels

Prior to the start of the training programs you will receive a welcome letter regarding the logistics of the training. Best of luck and thanks for allowing Dave’s Running the opportunity to coach you.

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* This content is not intended to replace any formal training plans directed by licensed coaches. You should always get your doctors go-ahead prior to embarking on any fitness regime. Mercy Health, Glass City Marathon and the Toledo Roadrunners Club are not offering this content to replace a monitored training plan. — Use this content as conversation starters with your doctors, nutritionists, coaches, etc.