We’re All Happier When Following These Guidelines

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon In-Training

Whether you’re training by yourself, or in a group, it’s important to be aware and courteous of others on the same course. In all facets of life, there is particular etiquette for maintaining a friendly intermingling of personalities and capabilities. As runners, we are no different. We are a community; a family. The more we pay attention to basic norms as a standard, the happier we’ll be with ourselves at the end of our run.

There are limited number of lanes on a track. Paths and trails are only so wide. Sidewalks and roads are traveled more heavily by non-runners. If everyone moved randomly and in all directions without expectations, there’d be a lot more trips to the ER. Fortunately, sanity has prevailed and certain “rules of the road” have been implemented. Follow these guidelines, and remember to smile and “Say Hi As You Go By” one another.

When Running on a Track

  • Follow Posted Track Directions (may change daily) — Typically Counter Clockwise
  • Slower Runners & Walkers Stay in the Outside Lanes
  • Faster Runners Stay in the Inside Lanes
  • Stay in Your Lane
  • Pass on the Left
  • Call Out to Others You’re About to Pass — “Passing On Your Left”
  • When Stopping, Look Behind You Before Quickly Moving Off the Track

When Running in Groups

  • Stay to the Right of Center
  • Stagger/Nest Your Grouping
  • Run 2 to 3 People Wide, at the Most
  • Keep Earphone Volume Down Enough to Hear External Noises Too
  • Listen for Audible Queues from Behind
  • Call Out About Oncoming Traffic to Runners Behind You — “Biker Up,” “Runners Up,” or “Cars Ahead”…
  • Point Down at Obstacles (pot holes, debris, etc.) to Warn Others Behind You
  • Pass on the Left
  • Call Out to Others You’re About to Pass — “Passing On Your Left”
  • Turn Around By Stepping Off to the Right Before Turning (just like running to first base)

When Running a Race

  • Seed Yourself In the Correct Corral for Your Realistic Expected Pace
  • Slower Runners & Walkers Start Further Back in Corrals
  • Avoid Cutting Off Others You’re Passing
  • Pass on the Left Whenever Possible
  • Keep Your Line When Going Around Corners (avoid cutting in front of others on the inside)
  • Keep Running Thru Water/Aid Stations (move to the right to slow down/stop only after passing station)
  • Listen to Course Personnel & Keep Moving Thru the Finish Line

Can you think of something else not listed here? Share it with everyone online.

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* This content is not intended to replace any formal training plans directed by licensed coaches. You should always get your doctors go-ahead prior to embarking on any fitness regime. Mercy Health, Glass City Marathon and the Toledo Roadrunners Club are not offering this content to replace a monitored training plan. — Use this content as conversation starters with your doctors, nutritionists, coaches, etc.