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  • Pre & Post Race/Marathon Nutrition

    Pre & Post Race/Marathon Nutrition

    Stretch gently after the race, and consider booking a massage to help your taxed muscles recover. Consider your time on the table a reward for your effort...

  • Injury Prevention Key to Running Longevity

    Injury Prevention Key to Running Longevity

    Injury prevention in the runner may also include an assessment of foot mechanics as over pronation or supination can create injuries to other parts of the lower extremity, hip or back...

  • Nutrition Guidelines for Female Runners

    Nutrition Guidelines for Female Runners

    Many elements contribute to success in running, including talent, training, motivation and resistance to injury. When talented, driven and well-trained runners gather for competition, the margin...

  • Strength Train, Run Better

    Strength Train, Run Better

    Squats, leg curls, leg extensions, and leg presses would be some good examples of lower body exercises, that will greatly improve your running capabilities, while...

  • Prevent & Treat Shin Splints

    Prevent & Treat Shin Splints

    Shin splints also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, can cause pain along the tibia or large bone in the front of your leg. They often occur in people who have recently intensified or changed their training routines...

  • Track Your Sleep to Run Better

    Track Your Sleep to Run Better

    Ironically, the less we remember about a night’s sleep, perhaps the better it is. Throughout the night, humans fluctuate between light sleep, deep sleep, and dream (REM)...

  • Physiological Effects of Icing

    Physiological Effects of Icing

    Icing diminishes pain, cellular metabolism, and muscle spasm minimizing the inflammatory response and improving recovery after soft tissue...

  • Listen to Your Body

    Listen to Your Body

    Listen to your body and don’t wait for pain to impair your performance before getting it checked out. Don't let small pains turn into...

  • Cross Train to Be a Better Runner

    Cross Train to Be a Better Runner

    Cross Training will help you to develop muscle groups you typically do not use, which can help you to become a better runner...

  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome — IT Band

    Iliotibial Band Syndrome — IT Band

    IT Band syndrome is the most common cause of lateral, or outside, knee pain in distance runners. Weak outer hip muscles are very common in...

  • Caffeine & Muscle Cramps

    Caffeine & Muscle Cramps

    Caffeine can cause adverse effects in runners when consumed in excess. It can cause muscle twitching and cramps to occur most commonly in the back of the lower leg or calf, in the...

  • Pain Meds Can Hurt Running Performance

    Pain Meds Can Hurt Running Performance

    Sometimes it’s in our best interest to feel pain. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong...

  • Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis in Runners

    Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis in Runners

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue (the plantar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes. In this condition, the fascia first becomes irritated and then inflamed, resulting in heel pain...

  • Protect Yourself from the Sun When Running

    Protect Yourself from the Sun When Running

    Keep in mind that sun exposure isn’t just a concern on bright, sunny days. Even when it’s cloudy, you should have sunscreen on to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays...

  • Importance of Sleep for Runners

    Importance of Sleep for Runners

    According to Olympic triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker, “Sleep is half my training.” Running depletes the body of energy and breaks down muscle tissue. Sleep replenishes the tired body...

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Owens Corning Half Marathon

13.1 Miles

The Owens Corning Half Marathon starts at the same time and location as the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. All runners will stay together thru mile 8, where the full and half course split.

If you want to experience a large race atmosphere, with small town hospitality, and aren’t able to complete a full marathon, you can take part in Northwest Ohio’s premier spring half marathon to see what it’s all about.

YARK Subaru 5-Person Relay

Team Marathon Event

Run the Glass City Marathon course as a team of five. Each person will run one leg of the full 26.2 mile course. Leg 1 = 6.7 miles, Leg 2 = 6.2 miles, Leg 3 = 3.1 miles, Leg 4 = 4.9 miles and Leg 5 = 5.3 miles.

The relay course will begin on Bancroft Street & Drummond in front of the University of Toledo Bell Tower, at the same time as the full and half marathon. Every member of the relay team will receive a custom finisher’s medal.

Medical Mutual Glass City 5k

Presented by — Toledo Roadrunners Club

Whether you run or walk the Medical Mutual Glass City 5k, everyone will experience the same great atmosphere and perks…and get to say, “I Run Toledo” after crossing the same finish line.

The 5k course will begin on Bancroft Street & Drummond in front of the University of Toledo Bell Tower. Heading East into beautiful Old Orchard before circling back around campus, finishing just outside the Glass Bowl.

Kids Marathon — Saturday 4/22

We have special events planned just for the kids. Including a meet-and-greet with the UT Football players; Agility Angels Dog Show; group exercises; a teddy bear; finisher’s medal and refreshments. Hundreds of kids, age 2-12, participate.

Findley Davies Kids Marathon — Toledo, Ohio


Key Sponsors of the Glass City Marathon


“I ran the Glass City Marathon last April and it was my first. You’ll love the course. It’s scenic and mostly flat. I plan on registering again soon. You’ll have fun. — H.B.”
Ohio, USA
“I cannot stop bragging about your marathon! I live in MI. This was my 6th marathon. Aside from the 16mph winds on “the back 13″ — seriously, could you not tame that beast, lol? — the course was great, volunteers were grand, and the event was very well organized. As for the end-of-the race festivities, they were superior! Talk about getting such grand bang out of a buck. Oy! Congratulations! Thank you for not putting endless supplies in our goody bags (gels, etc.) and putting the $ toward the festivities. Many clubs could learn from you. — L.L.”
Michigan, USA
“I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care of us this weekend. This was my first time running Glass City and I will certainly be back. Thank you so much for taking care of my entry and hotel. That was a huge help. The hotel was very convenient and the elite tent was a great place to stretch and keep warm before the race. I even had a wonderful volunteer take my jacket for me at the starting line; so nice. The food was great, loved the medals, and very cool glass mugs. Although I didn’t win the Master’s purse prize this time, I still went away with an awesome new running bag for placing in my age group and a new PR in the full marathon by 15 seconds. What a great race! I can’t wait for next year. Thanks again for all of your support!. — J.S.”
“I liked the Glass City Marathon better than the Chicago Marathon. The course was faster due to the lack of runner congestion. I never felt unsafe while on the course. The volunteers and local police did an excellent job. My time was 24 minutes quicker than my previous best marathon. — D.H.”
“My husband and I have done serveral races that are a part of the GCM and each one is incredibly organized and well done. This year I did my first half marathon at the GCM and it could not have been a better experience. The course was perfect and the finish at the Glass Bowl was really neat. The volunteers were great and there were so many of them. Mile markers were well done and it was nice to have times and splits called out during the race. — L.H.”
“You will absolutely have the opportunity to BQ! Super flat, fast course. I had so much left for the last six miles it was amazing…I flew through the finish. They have split-time announcers at various points along the course which was awesome, too. In addition, the marathon itself was super organized. I’ve run five marathons now, and speak very highly of the Glass City Marathon. — M.P.”
“The results book is such a great keepsake from the race. Not only do we like to keep them to see how our times have progressed, but our kids think it’s cool to see mom and dad’s name in a book. — L.H.”
“I have run every Glass City half with the exception of last year (I ran the tough mudder the day before). I am so very impressed by your event. I have run six marathons (Chicago x2, Detroit x3, Cincinnati, and Columbus) and many other great races. The way you run your event rivals larger markets. I am so proud to be a participant in the Glass City Half!

Here are some of the things I enjoy:

  • The Expo (though crammed) is well populated with fun vendors and great stuff.
  • The kids run is first class and accessible for families with small kids (my kids wear the “medal” for days!).
  • The shirt and medal are great quality.
  • The starting line is well managed and good energy.
  • The race course is awesome…love the changes. The hills at the end were a good challenge. Love running into the bell tower at the end.
  • The finish line in the Glass Bowl is just awesome. Good photos at the end, great energy.
  • The runner food at the finish….WOW! Ginos was awesome touch.
  • I loved the App.

Thank you! — B.S.”

“I am very excited about participating in the Glass City Marathon. This is actually the third marathon I have signed up for and with training going great so far, the first one I will finish. In 2013 I had signed up to run the Nationwide Marathon, after doing the half several times, but while training I was also playing sand volleyball and during a game turned my ankle just right (or wrong) and ended up with a fracture and several torn tendons. Therefore, running the marathon was out of the question. Then in 2014 I signed up to run the Cleveland Marathon and while training ran into (literally ran into) another injury. I obtained a stress fracture in the femoral neck of my left leg and a stress injury on the right side, which took me out of running for nearly 6 months. Once I was back to running I was determined to train and finish a marathon, while keeping my body healthy. So far I have gone as far as 18 miles and have no serious aches or pains. My number 1 goal is to finish the race whether I’m running, walking or crawling. I also have a great support group, who will be running with me doing the relay marathon at Glass City, so I will always have encouragement to keep me going. I am very excited and can’t wait to be there on April 26. Thanks for listening, see you soon.”