Official Marathon & Half Marathon Pacers

Courtesy of Dave’s Running Shop

You’ve been training for months for this marathon and on race day you’ll have an experienced leader to get you through the race. The Pace Team is designed for an athlete just like you. Whether this is your first marathon or you’ve done several, the benefits of running with a Pace Team will help you have a more successful marathon experience.

Dave’s Running Shop will be providing pace teams led by experienced pacers. A wide variety of times, including many of the Boston qualifying standard times will be available.

Right from the starting line through the race and up to the finish you’ll have someone who’s focus is on you, making sure that you’re not going out too fast or running sporadically.

If the pace feels too slow in the beginning of the race that is normal, be patient. Just stay with the group and ask the pace leader about an appropriate strategy for the second half. If the pace is too fast, slow down. If you become ill or injured, stop off at an aid station.

The marathon is a challenging event and anyone can have a bad day. If you manage your day smartly, then you’ll finish to run again sooner.

Pace teams will run even splits throughout and will not slow down at water stops. Each pace team member will coach you along the way with words of encouragement and will let you know the current pace throughout the race. We hope you will find this race day support useful as you strive to achieve your marathon goals.

Interested in Becoming One of Our Pacers? Email your running resume for review. — Email Running Resume Here

Pacer Times

Paces are based on finish time goals in hours:minutes.

Marathon Pacers & Times

3:00 • Kyle Kiehl & Jake Gillette
3:15 • John Hester
3:30 • Peng Zhang & Weiyang Xu
3:40 • Arthur Zhou & Stephanie Kapanowski
3:45 • Michael Bick & Lewis Hayden
3:55 • Bin Xu & Tony Jackman
4:00 • Robert Hall & Dao Che
4:05 • Adam Hartley & Jon Smith
4:10 • Christine Hecklder & Jessica DelCorvo
4:15 • Casey Hogan & Mark Davidhizer
4:20 • Jeff Hickman
4:25 • Olivia Bockey & Liwen Li
4:35 • Mitch Brouwer & Jim O’Connor
4:45 • Michael Parker & Sean Brennan
4:55 • Phil Pairitz & Bob Davidge
5:15 • Bob Strauss & Mark Mcallise
6:30 SWEEPER • Rick Rayman

Half Marathon Pacers & Times

1:25 • Evan Hicks
1:30 • Matthew Nicholson
1:35 • Chelsey Woods
1:40 • Scott Fiske
1:45 • Peter Qumsiyeh
1:50 • Jeff Shore
1:55 • Austin Hagemann
2:00 • Cherie McCleese
2:05 • Greg Long
2:10 • Amber Smith
2:15 • Ruth Alexander
2:20 • Wendy Campbell
2:25 • Sarah Dauer
2:30 • Bill Hylan
2:40 • Kristen Verrett
2:50 • Carmen Rowlands