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Are headphones allowed?2017-07-06T18:12:06-04:00

The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at this race. To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants, The Glass City Marathon encourages a headphone-free environment during the running of The Glass City Marathon.

Are strollers allowed on the courses?2014-08-28T19:35:00-04:00

The safety of runners and children are of the utmost importance to us. While strollers are not prohibited, it is recommended that those choosing to run with strollers start at the back of the field. Strollers are allowed in the 5K event, ONLY.

Are there energy gels on the course?2019-04-10T18:40:21-04:00

Honey Stinger Energy Gel at the Mercy Health Glass City MarathonYes. Honey Stinger (Organic Honey and Strawberry Kiwi – caffeinated) are planned to be provided at the start and at some water stops. Please note that we cannot guarantee the supplier delivering these flavors, but they are what we ordered. See the course maps for locations.

Are there pacers for this year’s marathon?2017-09-09T12:09:24-04:00

Yes, Dave’s Running Shop will be coordinating all of the pacing responsibilities. There will be a question/answer session as part of the pre race Expo. The pacer times will be published on the Pacing Page upon confirmation of selected pacers.

Our pacing crew continues to grow each year with demand. Our goal is to provide pacers for as many of the common BQ marathon times we can as well as many in the half marathon. The times we are hoping to fill are listed on our pacing page and are considered firm, but not concrete.

If you are an experienced pacer and are interested in supporting runners at GCM, please e-mail [email protected] us for info. GCM is looking to deliver the best experience as possible to our runners, and quality pacers help do that.

Can I get a refund or defer registration?2019-04-02T10:17:19-04:00

No. As is standard for most races, due to the nature of planning for an event, once you’re registered, we’ve prepared for you being here and maintain a firm no refund/no deferment policy.

Can I run the relay and another event?2016-02-26T20:39:22-04:00

Yes, you may run the first leg of the relay as well as the half marathon or marathon. You must register for both events. This will be tracked.

Can I start the Marathon and then decide to switch to the finish on the Half Marathon course?2012-11-27T14:43:43-04:00

No. There is limited space on each course and crashing the last few miles of the Half Marathon Course is unfair to the runners who registered for the event. You may transfer to the half marathon prior to race day provided the event is not sold out.

Can I walk the Owens Corning Half Marathon?2015-09-14T16:44:59-04:00

Yes! The course is open until 11am, so pace must be maintained to finish by 11am. The cutoff is strictly enforced.

Can someone else pickup my BIB and race packet for me?2014-08-28T19:27:26-04:00

Yes, provide the third party with a copy of your photo ID and we can release the packet to them.

Do you have facilities for showers after the race?2014-08-28T19:24:40-04:00

Yes, showers will be available at the UT Rec Center.

Do you offer paper registration?2019-09-06T20:37:55-04:00

We do not offer registration by phone or mail-in registration forms. If you are hesitant to enter your information online, consider buying a credit card gift card at a local retailer and use it to complete registration. This way you’re not entering any personal banking information during registration.

Do you offer text alerts?2015-09-14T16:46:33-04:00

The Glass City Marathon was the first Ohio race to offer a full mobile experience with an option for live GPS tracking as part of the RaceJoy mobile app. The App also offers text notifications. Download the app from our site and see how it will provide you with course updates or live GPS tracking. You can also view our Live Leaderboard feed.

Does the Relay Require 5 People?2019-03-31T19:43:24-04:00

This is a 5-Person Relay. All five spots must be registered to participate. All five team spots must be registered to pickup your packet and participate. This means that the total 5-person registration fee must be paid. You are allowed to run multiple legs of the relay if someone registered doesn’t show up. If Expo day arrives and you’re still not able to field a full team, consider splitting the remaining entry amongst the registered members, transferring to another event if spots remain, or volunteering to support the other runners.

How do you get placed into starting corrals?2014-08-28T19:30:59-04:00

Corral placement is based on your expected finish time. Check the website for details.

How long does the course and finish line stay open?2019-04-10T18:51:08-04:00

The marathon course limit is 6 hours and has two mandatory checkpoints. Should you not meet the two checkpoints, you will be escorted to a sag vehicle. Those who continue on must sign a release waiver and turn in their BIB number to continue as a citizen.

This is a competitive race with an expected finish time of 6 hours or less. Because we hire police and security from 5 jurisdictions, it is important that we comply with the time limits set.

There are two checkpoints along the course; mile 10 and mile 15. You must maintain a 13:43 pace to complete within the 6 hour time limit. You’ll need to be at mile 10 by 9:30am, and mile 15 by 10:45am.

Runners planning on finishing the race must be through mile 20 by 12pm. Please be considerate of our volunteers who begin their day as early as 3am. We do our best to score every runner and do not sweep the course; however we do modify the finish area at the 6 hour point. The chip time mats are also removed at the 6+ hour pace at which point those who finish are hand timed to be sure they are in our finish results.

How soon after the race end can I expect my results and certificate?2019-04-10T18:42:52-04:00

Results are available shortly after you cross the finish line, via the Racejoy app and in the results tent in Celebration Village. You can also scan the QR code on your BIB. Finisher certificates will be mailed in the weeks following the event. Certificates are for marathon finishers only.

How will awards be available? Will they be mailed? Can I pick them up after race day?2019-04-10T18:48:50-04:00

All Cash Awards will be mailed upon receipt of appropriate documentation for tax purposes. Age group awards will be mailed after the official race results are posted. Finisher medals are given as you cross the finish line, and can be engraved in Celebration Village (pre-pay via your RunSignUp profile for fastest service).

If I find out I can’t run, what are my options? Can I transfer registration, drop to a shorter race, etc?2019-03-21T11:04:50-04:00