GCM is Committed to Staying Green

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, in conjunction with Partners for Clean Stream, is in the third year of our commitment to developing initiatives and utilizing resources for our movement towards presenting a responsibly produced, Earth and disability conscious, certified event. Current procedures include focus on:

  • Water Stop, Green Teams
  • Resource Management & Sourcing
  • Waste Management
  • Procurement
  • Carbon Management
  • Access & Equity

Partners for Clean Streams is Our” Green Team”

In three years, we have diverted over 10,000 pounds of materials from the landfill.
  • 2400 lbs of glass
  • 4200 lbs of cardboard
  • 225 lbs of plastic overwrap and heat sheets
  • 450 lbs of plastic bottles and cups
  • 2900 lbs of compost
  • 91 lbs of energy gel packets
We partner with UT’s Rocket Recycling program, Hirzel Farms (for composting), and Terracycle. Our efforts would not be possible without the Rocket Recycling which is facilitated by UT students and our Green Team volunteers who man the recycling stations and help encourage runners to dispose of their waste correctly.

What You Can Do

Use Public Transportation

Take TARTA to the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Health & Fitness Expo on Saturday. View bus schedules and pickup locations. You can plan your route using Google Transit. Simply input your starting address and the address of Savage Arena or the University of Toledo to get transportation schedules.

Carpool to the Expo and/or Race

Free parking available at the University of Toledo. All parking on campus is conveniently located for easy/quick access to the Expo, start line and after-party. However, premium parking spots fill fast. Plan ahead and arrive early on race day. Find you way here and avoid traffic backups by using Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps or a standalone GPS unit. Simply input your starting address and the address of Savage Arena or the University of Toledo to get turn-by-turn directions.

Recycle on Race Day

In the finish line and post-race party area, look for the Recycling Stations staffed by Green Team volunteers. GCM will be have multiple collection containers to put your waste for disposal. The Green Team volunteers will assist you with the proper container.

The Toledo Roadrunner Club’s “Green Committee” has been working hard to find and implement solutions so that the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon becomes a fully sustainable event.

What GCM Is Doing

We’re Adopting an Internal Policy

To help minimize materials that could end up in the dumpster, GCM has begun to adopt standards that clearly define materials are acceptable vs.those are not to team members and partner businesses. Our standards ask vendors and contractors to eliminate things like Styrofoam and non-compostable or recyclable packaging or service wares.

We’re Eliminating Unnecessary Sources of Waste

We consider sources for all physical materials involved in the event’s production, from merchandise, awards and food service wares to building materials for temporary displays or structures. We take inventory, consider which items may end up in the trash and could potentially be eliminated or replaced with a recyclable, compostable or responsibly produced alternative.