Application open through August 3, 2024.


Anton Darby
Ottawa Hills, OH

Running is more than just staying in shape, but instead my way of life. I have been running competitively for about 15 years now, but as I approach the middle years of my running career, I have started to look for other ways to give back to the sport. Since living in Toledo I have taken part in a variety of community running events which involve coaching, competing, volunteering and representing as an ambassador. Running has given me so many great opportunities already and I am excited to see where it will take me in the future.

Brittney Kottke
Kalamazoo, MI

Running is definitely a mental game. And you have to prove it to yourself every day.

Bruce McIntosh
Boardman, OH

I lead a running group often getting others to get together for races. I feel I already am an running ambassador.

Caitlin Pavlichko
Charlotte, NC

The endless pursuit of pushing yourself to the ultimate limits. We're capable of so much more than we think. Running tests you and it rewards you. Nobody ever regretted a run, even if it hurts. I'll never forget this quote I heard from a blogger (hungryrunnergirl). “We learn so much about ourselves in these races. It’s crazy to pay money to get a peek into who we are at the core, but I will keep paying money to do it”. That's what motivates me to run!

Carlos Orosco
Zilwaukee, MI

The fact that I physically can run (I used to weigh 650 pounds) the camaraderie of the fellow athletes, the great and supportive friends that I've made by participating in the sport, and the opportunity to travel, pay it forward, and support other athletes and runners who may have similar experiences like me, and also to help spread the word about the sport, and great events and races.

Catherine Darrow
Columbus, OH

I am an ambitious masters runners who tackles races of varying distances throughout the year, on both road and trail. I BQ'd in my third marathon in Indianapolis at age 47 and I continue to seek out new challenges.

Dawan Gatlin
Toledo, OH

Running keeps blood pressure down & it's a feeling that you as a human being has to feel for yourself to get a better understanding.

Elizabeth Morey
Defiance, OH

Seeing how far or fast I can go! Run for God.

Holly Cipriani Bell
Toledo, OH

Currently I hold my RRCA endurance running coach certification and am a 200HR RYT yoga instructor. I LOVE sharing content with other runners from the runner/yogi perspective to help others build healthy habits and reach their goals. Building connections and community is a huge passion of mine and doing it through running is where I feel most fulfilled. It would be an honor to be selected to represent GCM for a second year!

Jane Zuchowski
Temperance, MI

I’m a fairly newer (slow!) runner, and I try to promote running to other newer runners as well, since a big race can seem very intimidating! Personally, I have lost 150 pounds thru diet and exercise alone and taking up running has helped me maintain my weight loss!

Jennifer Perkins
Clawson, MI

As an older runner, with a family history of heart disease, staying fit is ESSENTIAL. I want to make the most of my time here and stay healthy!! Also, I love food.

Joanna Consiglio
Seven Hills, OH

Running has made every aspect of my life better. It has given my a sense of community and life-long friendships. I’m motivated to keep pushing myself everyday to be better. I love the challenge of running, because it allows me to see how capable and determined I am. The lessons I have learned from running, translates to all aspects of my life.

Justin Creps
Hilliard, OH

I aspire to model a healthy pursuit of one's goals/passions to the young people I coach. To know I gave my best and have no regrets. To experience the thrills of pushing the limits of my comfort zone and growing as a person along that journey. I also value the many friendships running has given me over the years.

Karleigh Sonnenberg
Napoleon, OH

There are several things that motivate me to run so I will just list them all. One thing that motivates me to run is my love for being out in nature and explore for such an extended period of time. During that time I get to appreciate God's creation and just be thankful for getting to live on this Earth. Something else that motivates me to run is that I can get 1% better everyday by doing it. I won't break a 4 hour marathon overnight, but I can get 1% better if I get up and do my run that day. Lastly, I love the sense of community with running. I have several friends that run and I enjoy exchanging tips with one another and talking about how our previous workouts went.

Katelyn Trepkowski
Saginaw, MI

Like Forrest Gump says, "I just felt like running." Running with friends is great, running for new PRs is also fun, but in the end, I just like to run.

Michael Ostrowski
Trenton, MI

I feel like I have a lot more potential when it comes to running and feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. I also love to make videos on it and do weekly on my YouTube channel. I also made a really fun video for Glass City last year! It was a spin on the popular tv show outer banks.

Montrelle Shackelford
Flint, MI

What motivates me to run is my belief that God has created me to inspire others to rise up and find their greatness through my running.

Richard Hostettler
Sylvania, OH

I'm an outgoing, fun loving, runner of all types of races. I seem to be able to connect with all walks of life and get others involved with my power of persuasion. I also have a passion for Toledo and its running community. I want always to share it with others.

Sara Wetterer
Cincinnati, OH

Running fun races and improving myself. I have a goal to run at least a 15k, half, full or ultra in every state. I also would like to eventually run all the world majors (I have done Chicago in 2018 and am doing Berlin 2023). I also enjoy running for fun on new to me rail to trails and in new cities.

Sue Michos
Euclid, OH

I love attending lots of races and really enjoy the Glass City Marathon weekend.

Tatum Hanks
Columbus, OH

I lost my dad and brother over the last 2 years. Both of them got to experience me crossing the finish lines of my first two marathons. I’ve always been passionate about running, but after losing them it has really pushed me to be the best version I can and to keep racing to make them proud. Also, running has drastically changed my mental health for the better and given me a new way to see myself and be proud of myself for each and every mile I get the opportunity to run. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and shows me how capable we all really are to do the hard things and become better each day.