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Weather Policy

The race will be held rain or shine. Runners are advised to check for forecasts and be prepared. Extra layers of clothing worn at the start may be discarded at the bag drops at each starting line. The Glass City Marathon reserves the right to cancel, delay or change the race to a non-scored run in case of extreme weather or other conditions affecting the safety of the participants. A flag system will be used along the course (at aid stations) to alert you to weather conditions.

Risk is low, but once again you should be careful of symptoms of heat stress. You also need to be cautious of changing weather conditions.
Heat stress is less, but one must be cautious as the level of stress will most likely increase during a morning race.
All runners should slow their pace and those with previous heat stress problems or heart disease should consider not running.
The risk of hypothermia is very low, but still exists especially in slow runners or in wet and windy conditions.