Ideas for Making Spectating Fun

Without spectators cheering the runners/walkers on, a four/five/six hour marathon would seem even longer. But a long time may pass before you see the runners/walkers you know. We’ll give you some ideas for where to watch, and how you can make it fun for everyone while you’re out there supporting the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon participants.

  • Download the GCM App to Track Runners & Send Cheers
  • Design a Catchy Poster (here are some ideas)
  • Bring a Cowbell, Horn, or Just Your Cheering Voice
  • Reach Out for High Fives (Don’t be offended if serious/tired runners don’t slap; they’re focused, but do appreciate you.)
  • Be Loud at the Finish Line — Cheer for Everyone While Waiting for Your Runner
  • Visit the Expo & Kids Run on Saturday — They’re Free & Open to the Public
  • Take Lots of Photos & Video
  • Share Your Photos & Video on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram — Tag Your Runners & Glass City Marathon in Posts
  • Check In on Facebook & Twitter at the Expo & on Race Day — Include the Hashtag #RunToledo
  • Post Photos of Your Sign on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram — You May Get Featured By Doing So

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